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Find the perfect gift at Village Pharmacy!

Village has a wide variety of gifts that are ideal for any occasion. We have a large variety of candles, jewelry, home decor, and much more.  Whether you are looking for a gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or for a loved one, you will easily find the perfect one here! You might be surprised and find something for yourself.


Capri Blue

"Where fashion meets fragrance" Capri Blue is an affordable luxury fragrance brand inspired by contemporary fashion. Offering a wide range of scents, the iconic Volcano is an all time favorite. Stop by and check out our selection of candles, soaps, room sprays, and more!

1818 farms.webp

1818 Farms

Started in Mooresville, AL by Natasha McCrary, 1818 Farms is known for its "Simple products that really work." Stop in and try some of the bath and beauty products that are named after some of the popular farm animals. Even with having major growth over the years, 1818 stands to producing quality products in small batches. Try our favorites, the shea creme.

bogg bags.jpg

bogg bags

"Bags and accessories for the beach and beyond." Bogg is the go to bag for the beach, lake, ball field, and more! What's better than a bag that you can put everything in and go? They are durable, sturdy, and the bottom is leak proof. Nothing is better than enjoying your adventure filled day "And at the end of the day, simply hose off your Bogg Bag put it away for  your next adventure!"


Hillhouse Naturals

A mother and daughter company, Hillhouse Naturals brings "fragrances for living" made fresh from a small family owned and operated farm. From the soothing Cashmere scent to the Melodic Salt and Sea, we carry candles, bath salts, soaps, room sprays, and more to bring the fresh scents to your life.

swan creek.png

Swan Creek Candle Co.

Fresh, clean burning, lead free, and intensely fragrant, Swan Creek Candle Co. is not one to miss. From scents like Roasted Espresso to Warm Cinnamon Buns, these candles are sure to brighten up a room. Coming in the vintage pottery collection, stop in and see some of our favorite scents and colors.

Store Gift area.jpg

And more.....

As our gift shop is constantly changing. Stop in and check out our favorite brands and others that are not listed. See a brand that we don't carry? Let us know as we are always looking to add to our shop!

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